Robert Wilkinson VC primary School

Robert Wilkinson VC primary School

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The UK group


  1. We are looking forward to the children from Spain visiting our school next month.

  2. i'm jimena a girl of Asuncion rincon the school of spain and in 6 days i go at york i'm very nervous but the people tells me the school of england is very, very prety.

  3. Hola madrileños por York, ya habeis pasado el primer rato que quizás sea el más durillo, asi que ahora a disfrutar y aprovechar al máximo que una semana pasa volando, ser buenos y sobre todo ser felices. Besos para todos.

  4. Hi I'm Elena a Asunción Rincón's student. I went to York last week and I felt in love with everybody (no boys, only girls).
    Kisses for everyone,


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  6. Hi everyone , I am just about to go to Madrid , and I am so excited about going to Spain , but I am also very nervous , and don't want to leave any of my friends! By the time people read this I will probably be in Spain so if anyone in 6R reads this then Hi!!! Oh and Hi Megan , no I haven't forgotten you!!!
    Sally P

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  8. Hiya sally
    Will miss u
    Just read the blog
    Dont be nervous its fun
    Ellie w

  9. Hi Harry
    It was good to speak to you tonight,especially mum.just been down to parents evening a glowing report well done.It sounds like you are going to have a nice steak dinner tonight(wish I was there!!) all I had was a few curly fries that Evie left.
    Love you going to take Evie up to bed, night night.

    love Dad x

  10. Hi Andre
    Good to hear from you and know everything is ok. You are going to have a fantastic time. Say 'hello' to Andres from me and Gabriella (she keeps saying she wishes he was here - does she miss him more than you?!!)
    love Mum xx

  11. HOLA,
    We have phoned all the children this evening. Spoken to some and left messages for others, all seem to have had a really busy day. Quoting Thomas ´It´s Brilliant´. Andre visited a Monastry (Maybe he is destined to be a Monk). Some of the activities have included; Ice skating, swimming, theme park and visiting a football stadium. We are looking forward to seeing all the children Monday morning with lots of stories to share.
    Adios from all the Teachers

  12. Mr Card and Miss Smith say a big hello to their class and hope they are having a good time. AND BEING GOOD!!!!!!

  13. miss U




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