Robert Wilkinson VC primary School

Robert Wilkinson VC primary School

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 1: The Adventure Begins

It was a bright as Strensall was waking up to a special day. The smell of the bacon was wafting through the Brown Hall in Robert Wilkinson Primary School. Mrs Tottie was preparing a farewell breakfast for an excited group of children soon to9 be their way to Madrid. Children and parents gathered in great anticipation. Mrs Brown waited eagerly for the coach to arrive, "Hurry up ", she mumbled, "I´ve got a train to catch. After a farewell photo we were on the coach and our adventure had began. Hankies were out as parents shouted their fond farewells and good wishes. The group almost left without Mr Ludlow! Once he was on the coach he was soon fast asleep.

On board the coach a stowaway was discovered by the scrupulous Mr Card. It was the one and only Rodger the Sheep (Ben Brown has just corrected Mr Ludlow´s spelling of scrupulous. He must take after his mum).

Rebecca tried to comfort all by shouting out, "Is anybody crying yet?" After repeating thios several times in the first ten minutes she sat back reassured that no tissues were needed. The coach stopped for a mid-way break. Yippee! The children shouted as they reached for their pockets to see how much money they had to spend. In the words of wise Issac, "We all went on a shopping rampage". Who needs to go to Madrid when you can visit an exciting service station? The children enjoyed playing on the grab a toy game. Andre was one of the many prize winners, getting a double whammy, two cuddly toys. Well done Andre. Safa and Tina were made up with their Shrek babies, especially Tina as her one made bottom noises. So it´s not only boys that think strange noises are hilarious.

Security was out in force as we arrived at Liverpool airport. Lille football team had just arrived as they were due to play Liverpool tomorrow. Security was heightened on the news that Robert Wilkinson Pupil´s were on their way. The players waved to us as they boarded their bus. Mr Ludlow was poised ready to give autographs! He showed his usual talent for football facts, "Who are they children?" Luckily, Ben Brown was on hand to teach him. A photo shoot took place around the Yellow Submarine, a large sculpture outside the airport. this seemed to amuse the French reporters, who getiing bored with taking photos of Lille football team decided to take them of us (They must have heard how good our football team are doing at the moment). The children sang a rendition of, We all live in a Yellow Submarine. Please can Mrs Raine teach the children the whole song for next year as repeating the chorus so many times can be incrediably zzzzzzzzzzzzzz and I know it´s YELLOW.

Checking in went smoothly. Unfortunately building work at the airport meant that we had to camp on the floor for our packed lunches. Thomas had none! This gave Mr Ludlow a good excuse to go to Burger King. Well he couldn´t leave the poor chap on his own. While Thomas and Mr Ludlow were stuffing their faces the panicked voice of Mr Card bellowed across the hall, "We have to go, they are fast tracking us!" Shoving the remains of the Burger King Meals in a bag, Thomas and Mr Ludlow reluctantly joined the party. security checks completed, we went through to the departure lounge.

Mr Ludlow approached the friendly Easy Jet staff (he is being srcastic at this point), to request that our group be allowed on first. "Sorry sir we are unable to let your party of vulnerable minors board first". Not even mentioning Mrs Lobb could persuade them to change their minds. This was a job for super Rodger! Easy Jet staff say NO, Rogder says YES. Following his advise (we are talking about a glove puppet at this point), we confidently made our way to the front. The common term is queue jumping. The general public were understanding.

The flight was exciting, particularly for Georgina and Issac as it was their first time. They loved it! So come on mum and dad you will need to book a family holiday abroad. holiday request forms are available from the office. During the flight Ben Brown kept Mr Ludlow entertained with a wealth of useful facts. A new TV show was born, Ben Brown´s Amazing Facts. Mr Ludlow was not too sure about the many facts he seems to know on the topic of plane crashes! But after sharing some statistics Mr Ludlow felt more reassured.

On arrival the children were greeted by shouts and screams from their Spanish host families. Such a warm welcome for what we hope will be an Adventure of a life time.

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