Robert Wilkinson VC primary School

Robert Wilkinson VC primary School

Thursday, March 18, 2010

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  1. Hi Katya!

    Great to hear that you are having a good time!

    We have had a very quiet morning today and managed to get to get out of the door in super quick time this morning, can't think why....?

    Don't forget to say Hi to Julia, Olga and Monica from us here and enjoy you first day in Spanish school.

    Looking forward to seeing what you get up to today!

    Lots of love, Mum x

  2. Hi Andre
    Great to hear what a good trip there you had. Nice to know you spent the English "emergency" money so wisely - who's going to get the soft toys?!!!
    You all look like you're having a fantastic time already and you've still got the long weekend to look forward to.
    Big hello to Andres from me and Gabriella.
    Love Mum xx

  3. Hi Safa!
    Great to see that you're all having such a wonderful time.
    The parents' evening was great. Well done!!
    Eduardo sent us a lovely picture of you and Carmen at the restaurant last night.
    Sounds like you have got an exciting weekend planned for you.
    Enjoy the picnic in the park
    Take care
    Lots of love Ama, Baba and Maazin xx

  4. Hi Harry
    Good to see that you are enjoying yourself from the pictures on the Blog as I write this as Mum is busy cooking your least favourite meal while your not here Shepherds pie!!?? (more for me and Evie) as far as Evie is concerned she thinks your flying in every aeroplane going past.

    Love Dad Mum & Evie XX

  5. Hello Sally,
    Glad to hear you enjoyed your day at school - the photos are brill.
    Hope Elena is feeling better, say Hola to her for us.
    Enjoy your bus tour and the rest of the weekend. Keep smiling and speaking Spanish!
    Dad, Mum & Joe

  6. Hola Buenos Dias Ben
    Sounds like you are having a fantastic time! Did some of you get to see the Real Madrid stadium today?
    We are missing you, though I am proud to report I haven't cried once (apart from the odd tear). I have to confess it is great to have a break from the football facts, though it appears you have a new listener!
    Ebony needs lots of extra stroking.
    Say hello to Carlos.
    Lots of love, Mum and Dad

  7. Hi Ben
    its not your mother its your 'loving' sister Imogen.
    Can't wait for you to come back because you will be really tired and I will be able to wind you up soooo easily. (hee hee)
    Love Imogen
    P.S- remember to buy me a present

  8. It's great to hear you're having fun. Please can I have a teddy as you won two? I'm really Gabriella not Maddy!!!!! Mummy told me that you went to Real Madrid's stadium!!! WOW!
    I miss you very much but I'm glad you're having a GREAT time. Mummy is recording Masterchef for you. Hola Andres - hope you're having a good time too.
    Love Gabriella xxxxx

  9. Hola to all our Spanish explorers. Great to hear you are all having a good time.
    Its sport relief day for us, not quite as exciting as being in Madrid but its as good as we can do!
    Enjoy every minute you are there and bring back many happy memories.
    Mr E

  10. All the children had fun yesterday and had lots of fun activities planned for the weekend. We hope the Sports Relief Day went well at school. Looking forward to seeing you all next week. From all the staff in Madrid.

  11. Hi Sally
    Glad to hear you are enjoying your time with Elena and family. It is pouring down here so make the most of the sunshine. The chocolate cake turned out well and I am trying to stop Grandad eating it before tonight. Love you. Nanna and Grandad xx

  12. Hi children,
    Sounds like your all having a fab time in Madrid, very envious of you all!!I'm sure you are all going to enjoy a wonderful weekend looking at the sights in Madrid. Are there any lucky ones going to the Bernabau?
    Hoepfully the weather is much brighter there.....rain, rain, rain here!
    Looking forward to hearing about all the tales. Enjoy the amazing experience!
    Mrs Williamson x

  13. Hi Andre
    It's Gabriella again. I went to see the lambs today and two were really young because they were half an hour old!!! I was very lucky to see that.
    I hope you've had a nice time today. Here it's raining and it's been miserable. I wish I was in Madrid!!!
    love from Gabriella xxxxx (and Mum xxxx)

  14. Hello Safa and Carmen

    Great to hear that all of you had so much fun. Dinner at 10 followed by a movie! Glad to know that you were able to have a lie in this morning.
    Maazin saw the picture of you, Safa, getting on to the plane and now he wants to get on a plane and go to "Carmen houshe".
    Bet you had fun with Elena and Sally coming over to Carmen's today.
    Enjoy the lunch, and have lots and lots of fun!
    love from Ama, Baba n Maazi xxxx

  15. Hola Katya & Julia,
    Hope you are all having a great time!
    Best love to Julia's family. Hope you are able to get up early enough Katya.
    Lots of love,

  16. Hi George and Maximo
    Its great to hear you are having such a fab time. fancy having your photo taken with Ronaldo!!
    Its definately better weather with you - rained all day here yesterday! Good win for Spurs yesterday too George - Won 2-1!
    say hi to Emma and Isidro from us!
    Love Dad, Mum and Evie xxx

  17. Hola Isaac! Hope you enjoyed the Real Madrid match last night. Enjoy the rest of your stay and see you soon. Love from Mum, Dad and woof from George xxx

  18. Hola Harry! Great to hear what a fun packed time your having in Madrid.Wow fancy having your pic taken with the one and only Kaka, dad and Andrew was so impressed!!! not to mention the fact you have eaten squid! Really proud of you and look forward to seeing you on tuesday love from Mum,Dad & Evie xxx

  19. Iya James,
    We all miss you loads.
    Its great to hear about all the fab things that you have been up to and we are so glad that you are having a fun time over there. Say a big hellooo to Jose and his wonderful family. Enjoy the last couple of days and make the most of it.

    Love Mum, Mal, Jenny and RACHEL WHO WROTE THIS
    By the way Nina has moved into your bedroom :)

  20. Hi everyone, Andre in particular!
    Mrs Williamson's class here. Hope your're all having fun and being good! Gabriella says that she's looking forward to seeing you and wishes you a safe journey home!
    Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday.
    Is Roger being good, we have heard he can be quite a handful!

    Mrs Williamson and all in 2W x

  21. Hi sophie

    Really please you are having a great time in Madrid. It sound like you have done lots of fab things.

    Jessica and Ruby are enjoying the peace!!! but miss you loads. Jess said enjoy your last night and see you soon x

    Hope the weather is better out there than it is here!

    Say hi to Maria, Diego and Carmen from everyone here.

    Love you and see you very soon

    Mum, Dad, Jess and Ruby xxxxxxxxxxx

  22. A message from Granddad for Andre: Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday (you get back too late for me). Enjoy the rest of your holiday and don't worry about the money! Worse things happen at sea. xxxxxxx

  23. Hi Andre, it's Gabriella here. I really miss you and I know the money will have upset you. I really love you. Have a nice last day and I'll see you tomorrow. xxxxxxxxxxx
    See you tomorrow Andre - a big hug waiting for you, love Mum xxxxxxxxxxx

  24. Hi Katya!
    Hope you enjoy the last few hours in Madrid. I bet you'll be sad to say bye to Julia, Olga and Monica.
    I can't wait to hear your stories and see all your photo's when you get home!
    I've tidied your bedroom as a nice surprise for when you get back - only kidding, you've only been gone for 7 nights which isn't nearly long enough to do the job!!
    Can't wait to give you a big hug when you get off the bus!
    Mum, Dad, Will and Louis xxxxx
    Ps Samson has just woken up and is wondering where you are???


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