Robert Wilkinson VC primary School

Robert Wilkinson VC primary School

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 2: At School

It was day 2 and time to go to school. The staff were egar to meet up with the children and hear about their first day. As the teacher´s walked through the gate they were greeted by excited children. The English children were swamped by interested Spanish children. Gathering in the school hall we had a short welcoming assembly. The children then proceeded to explore the school with their partners.
School Dinners: Spanish school dinner was a bit of a shock for some of the children. Everyone had the same meal, even the teachers. A traditional meal of Lentil Stew, Spanish Scotch eggs, Rice and Salad and Fruit. Very wholesome and delicious. We were proud of those children who tried the food. Harry, who had firstly turned his nose up, tucked in until he was ready to lick the plate.
Miss Smith and Marta helping to prepare lunch.

After lunch the children were split into groups and enjoyed a fun filled afternoon of sporting activities. The sun shone and everyone had a great time.

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  1. Come on Andre and Andres - get yourselves in some photos!
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